Theraputic Swedish Massage

Stress is a normal element of daily life and it is an important part of how we function. With the repeated stimulation of modern living and lifestyle our nervous system can get overloaded which can result in symptoms such as tiredness and tension headaches. If this cyle of activity continues unchecked then, over time, these symptoms can be compounded causing illness. Swedish massage helps to assits the natural functions of the body's skin by physically stimulating the body through massage, the warmth and movement created will help to relax you both physically and mentally. As a holistic massage therapist, Debbie Kirton will help to treat your mind and spirit as well as your body. Following your massage treatment you should feel relaxed, refreshed and more flexible and this physical feeling should last for several days. Mentally, stress levels will be reduced and with regular treatments your overall mental well being should be greatly improved helping you to cope more effectively with your normal life.

A holistsic massage can help to releive physical tension, reduce stress levels and improve your all-round well being. Debbie Kirton St Ives Cornwall

Holistic Massage to releive stress

Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscle layers deeper within the body which can be an important part of sports massage treatments and the treatment of conditions that have built up over a long period. By applying slow strokes and deep finger pressure to muscle areas, this type of massage aims to alleciate chronic patterns of tension within to muscles. Massage St Ives Cornwall.

Swedish massage by massage therapist Debbie Kirton located in St Ives Cornwall. Massage Therapy.


Have you been exercising too hard and your muscles are tense and sore?

Or just in need of a little T.L.C. to break the vicious cycle of




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My approach to massage is to treat each client individually, by creating a client-specific therapy carefully tuned and agreed at each visit.

Therefore, the treatment can be light and soothing or deep and invigorating. It can be aimed at a long-term chronic problem, something that occurred recently or for relaxation. It will always be focussed on those parts of you that need attention most from head to toe or just shoulders and neck.

I approach each treatment with care, co-operation, understanding and advice.

I am based in Carbis Bay.

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